Zig Zag

Project :
With the whole class and our professors, we edited a fanzine around the theme "weaved".

How ?
Zig Zag is devided into two. I had several roles on the project : I had to take pictures of the group and steps of creation, but also to work on the page imposition, and so on. The covers were made by pairs, and silkprinted. Our cover was engaged against far right (done with Savina Dechasseval)

Skills : Working with the whole class, improving work in team, involving myself into a long and big editorial project, changing hats
zigzag 1 zigzag 2 zigzag 3 zigzag 4 zigzag 5 zigzag 6 zigzag 7 zigzag 8 zigzag 9 zigzag 10

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