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====== Atlantic Youth Creative Hub ====== ~~NOTOC~~ //Contenu aussi disponible en [[fr:start| version française]]// ===== What is it ? ===== * A project financed by INTERREG * 4 Atlantic coast countries * 17 partners * 14 delivery partners * 14+ hubs * 5 languages * 1 collaborative mission * 100’s of deliverables ===== AYCH EDUCATION - design for change ===== Today, the increasingly complex social challenges linked to growing interdependence, but also to climate issues, force the emergence of more complex thinking, open to its environment and shared responsibility. We allow a diversity of profiles to access a European platform of experts and tools, to develop social and environmental innovation projects. With design at the core of our approach and a culture of the prototype, but also by fostering collaboration, collective intelligence and multicultural diversity; we train the actors of tomorrow's change. ===== What is it concretely ? ===== * Response to the marginalisation of arts and creative subjects in education * Re-design of the Youth Service and development of a model to support creative and social enterprise and education in new settings. * Empower young people to present solutions to societal issues of the future ===== A wiki tool to... ===== **Communicate** the knowledge in the hub and for the partners in the field of design thinking & creative tools for entrepreneurship. It will present tools and case studies useful to young people & young services. The tools presented have been used and tested in the context of AYCH. Some tools are common to various design thinking approaches, some others have been specifically conceived and developed for the AYCH programme and the Creative Jams. This toolbox aims at becoming a logbook **capitalization** of the project, presenting open source tools and uses cases as well as inspiring conferences. It will also help us to set up a **working model** for the Atlantic Youth Creative **Hubs** ===== Partners ===== For more institutional informations : http://www.aych.eu {{ :fr:capture_d_e_cran_2019-05-03_a_13.03.39.png?400 |}}

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